The question we put to you is –

How much are you willing to change your expectations in order to allow elephants the chance to enjoy a life worth living? 

The best and most authentic way that tourists can experience elephants in Thailand, is to observe them in the wild in stunning national parks such as Khao Yai and Kuiburi.

Consider please, how profoundly out of an elephant’s nature and character carrying you on their back would be.  Remember also that it is not possible for you to have that experience, without them suffering through fear and pain-based negative reinforcement training to ensure your safety.

Good advice is plentiful online and we urge you to do your research before traveling anywhere in Asia. The best way you can help, is to ensure you are contributing not only to the welfare of the elephants you will see, but also to the conservation of the species in general.

In order for change to occur, your tourist dollars absolutely must flow in the direction of ethical elephant tourism.