Nick Brandt is an acclaimed photographer who works exclusively on the African continent. He has published four highly successful books and exhibited throughout the world on a personal mission, to record a last testament to the wild animals before they are destroyed at the hands of man.

In September 2010, three months prior to Jack rescuing Kwan Jai, something Nick was instrumental in helping him to achieve, Nick Co-Founded 'Big Life Foundation', the first organisation in East Africa to co-ordinate a cross-border, anti-poaching operation. Employing hundreds of Maasai rangers to protect two million acres of wilderness in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem, their success can be measured by the dramatic reduction in the incidence of elephant poaching and deaths.

Nick once said that Jack helped inspire him to set up 'Big Life Foundation', saying “If an eight year old can see something happening in this world that is wrong and stands up to do something about it, then I need to do the same”. Nick in turn inspired Jack, telling him, “I’ll save the elephants in Africa; you go save the ones in Thailand”. Nick in fact did more than that for Jack – he saved his life.  He was also the person solely responsible for placing Jack in February 2011, on a beach in Phuket where he had his life-changing epiphany upon meeting a young, guest greeting elephant - meaningfully named Lily.

When Jack was asked whom he’d like to have as Patron of his Foundation, there was no question about it. And Nick’s response was equally emphatic, telling Jack he was “delighted and blown away” to be asked and “honoured” to take up the position.

“Thank you Nick, you are treasured by both of us”  Jack and Viv. xx