Why us?

Jack has a proven track record of elephant rescue that spans 9 of his 17 years. This, along with his public awareness and educational efforts, affords Jack the respect he has earned, the public recognition he has gained and the large following of elephant lovers and advocates worldwide he has accrued.

When Jack speaks, people listen. When Jack asks, people give help.


However, Jack is still a teenager, all be it a highly unique, intelligent, knowledgeable and dedicated one. It is therefore the people he has surround himself with as part of his team, and as advisers, who give KJEF the credibility and credentials that make it a solid and viable project that has the greatest opportunity to succeed. 

With the help of volunteers, staff, supporters and an enviable collection of elephant conservation advisers, many of whom Jack refers to as family, including Lek Chailert – his mentor and guardian growing up if anything should happen to his mother.... 

Jack and Kwan Jai Elephant Project can make change happen!

Lek Chailert, (left) - Elephant Nature Foundation Founder & CEO. Carol Buckley, (right) - Founder & CEO of Elephant Aid International, Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA), and Co-Founder of Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES).